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Welcome to Hunter Manufacturing Services Inc., Your source for Precision Machined Components & Manufacturing solutions.

About Us

Hunter Manufacturing Services Inc. was founded in 1992 out of the garage as a part time manual Bridgeport & Engine Lathe machine shop.

In July of 1999 incorporated moving to a 2000 ft. facility in Fairfield NJ, quickly growing out of the space thanks to customer demands moved on to a 4000 sq. ft. facility in Clifton in 2005. In 2015, Hunter Manufacturing returned to Fairfield in our refurbished 12,000 sq. ft. building.

Operating 14 modern CNC Turning & Machining Centers, 2 shifts a day running from 6:00AM to 2:00AM daily. Enabling quick respond to customers growing demands.

Ken Hunter, Owner

Ken Hunter

Our Mission

Hunter Mfg is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of precision machined components using Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Milling and Turning Centers.

Our mission is to maintain the highest level of integrity in all business interactions, produce components of the highest quality possible, and provide a working environment which allows our employees to reach their full potential

Hunter Mfg is a valuable tool to you, the end system user, by manufacturing and providing not only common items but also non-standard, small quantity and difficult items as well.

Our pledge is to support our customers by providing superior precision CNC machined components and paramount customer service which in turn will aid our customers in gaining a competitive advantage in their respective markets.

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Quick Facts

A machine shop is a facility with equipment and supplies for machining, a process where parts are cut, fabricated, and finished to prepare them for use. Machine shops are used in the creation of new parts, as well as repairs of existing equipment and parts.

Machining is a form of manufacturing used to create objects out of metal. During this process, workers cut away materials to alter the appearance and shape of a product. Machining serves as an alternative to other forms of production processes, including molding or casting. It is one of the most effective methods of creating very fine, detailed objects, which are often not feasible through casting and molding techniques. Machining can be used to make everything from steel fasteners to metal jewelry, as well as larger objects like hand tools and automotive components.

Equipment like cars, aircraft, large engines, and manufacturing equipment can all spend some time in a machine shop when it is created or in need of repair.

Companies that manufacture such equipment usually have a machine shop on site for fabrication of new, custom, and test parts. Machine shops are also found in educational and research facilities, where people learn about machining in the context of repair, as well as fabricating parts for custom applications like developing equipment for use in experiments.