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Welcome to Hunter Manufacturing Services Inc., Your source for Precision Machined Components & Manufacturing solutions.

Industries Served

  •       Aerospace
  •      Bio-Medical Equipment
  •      Medical
  •      Packaging
  •      Pharmaceutical

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General manufacturing PLUS custom slats and change parts for filling, packaging and tablet machines.

With the help of our proficient and skilled team members, we have been able to offer a superior quality range of Blister Packing, and Machine Change Parts. These change parts are made on highly precise CNC machines.

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Utilizing the latest versions of Solid Works & Master Cam. Our staff with over 25 years of programming & machining experience......

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Blanket Orders

While todays CNC machines have become more efficient & faster than ever, machine set up cost still plays a major cost driver with custom machined components.........

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Quality Control

Quality System that strikes a balance of limiting overhead while maintaining.......

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